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"I have always had a deep love for teaching. For me it has never been a separate thing, but in fact an important part of my work as a dancer and performer. The teaching has been there throughout my professional career and it has given me great tools for my artistic work. When teaching I find it most important to be able to achieve good interaction and to try to find the right tools for each and everyone, for things to feel right and make sense.

For 20 years I have been teaching everything from three year olds to professional dancers, continuing all the way to the ones loving to dance at 85. 

I give different kinds of workshops, like to collaborate and I also teach on weekly bases at

Tamara Rasmussen opisto."

Helsinki Dance Company, morning classes for professionals. 2013 - 2020

Tanssille ry. morning classes for professionals. 2013 - 2021

The Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki 2015 

Tamara Rasmussen opisto. Children, youth and adults. 2001 - 2022

Contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, dance for children acrobatics, show.

Tamara Rasmussen opisto’s summer courses and camps. 2003 - 2022

Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet 2012 - 2015

Summer courses, Äänekoski. 2011 - 2020

Ballet master courses in Helsinki. 2011

Masterclasses, Jyväskylä. 2011 - 2016

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